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If you are a crafty person that's bamboozled by social media then head over to my website - which is packed with tips and tricks for building up traffic through using social media, Pinterest, twitter, facebook and all the rest :)

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Why start a Craft Blog?
Top 10 Reasons to start a craft blog if you have an online shop
Things to consider when starting your blog
Where to promote your craft blog
Top 10 Ideas for blog posts
A bloggers guide to Pinterest
How to write great blog posts
How to get more blog followers
How to get more blog comments
How to optimise your popular posts
Make your blog drive traffic to your shop
Blog Themes and Backgrounds
Blog Rolls
Blog Tabs and Blogger Pages
Adding a horizontal link or navigation bar
Shop Slideshow Gadget
Add a background colour to blog posts
Centralise your sidebars
How to add a message at the top of your blog
Managing Blog Following with Google reader
Twitter Basics
Using Twitter Lists to network
Adding a Twitter feed to your blog
Adding Facebook widgets to your blog
Engage blog readers using twitter
Add a welcome page to your facebook fan page
Facebook Tagging
Facebook Fan Page Photo Tagging
Tips for using Facebook Groups
Craft Groups to Join on Flickr
Useful links for craft bloggers

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